Nemesis Pascal An open source pascal development plattaform

    Pascal Develop Screenshots :

    1. The Class Wizard. A Wizard to create Pascal classes.
    2. Debugging a Form. This screenshots shows how you can debug a Pascal Program.
    3. Debugging. More debugging options.
    4. Editing Current Tag. Such as Quanta or any other HTML editor.
    5. Interbase - Create Function. The IDE creating an Interbase function.
    6. Interbase - Procedure. Running a procedure from the IDE.
    7. Interbase - Object Viewer. The Pascal Develop Interbase object viewer.
    8. MySQL - Viewing Grants. Grants of an user.
    9. MySQL - More. More options, viewing the server variables.
    10. MySQL - Table Viewer. Viewing the tables of a MySQL database.
    11. MySQL - Menu Options. IDE options for MySQL.
    12. NPUnit - A tool such as NUnit, JUnit or DUnit.
    13. PSP. The Pascal Server Pages web scripting language syntax highlighted in the IDE.
    14. References. The reference viewer for the IDE.
    15. Oracle - Oracle Options. Oracle options.
    16. WebServer. The integrated web server to test PSP scripts.
    17. Nemesis Notepad. A simple program writen in Nemesis Pascal and running with the Virtual Machine (also called NVM)

Last updated 2005/04/25